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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


PROS - The media has influenced the public in many in the good ways. The media has also made the public realised that marriage should be a life-long commitment and should not be like marry first and divorce later as in the next year or so..The media has also instilled good values into the public.
CONS-However, the media has also influenced the public in a bad way, as they also teach the public wrong stuff, especially to teenagers. The media also taught the public that marriage should not necessarily be a life-long commitment and people can divorce and marry as and when they like as this is being promoted in television shows which shows many celebrities like Brad Pitt, which has had a few marriages already. This gives a negative impression on the public's mind that marriage does not need to be a life-long commitment.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


PROS: According to some of the races and religion, the people are supposed to get married and they should not try to be single. And because of their beliefs,they will try to find another person to be with and they will be with the person for as long as they live..
CONS:Due to some races and religions, everyone is supposed to get married and not be single for the rest of their lives. This results to most parents in countries like in China and India, getting their children married off at a very young age. However, do these marriages last? Also, in our modern society, there is a huge amount of people getting married at a very young age, however, they get divorced early, and as such, marriage isn't a life long commitment for these groups of people.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

PROS-Couples who strive for life-long marriages, are often capable and stable. These couples will help the economy by working and sending their child for education, and then the child will contribute to the society by working. This will help stabilize the economy so that the future improvements may be made.

CONS-When couples stay in a long term relationship, most of them will produce at most of three babies. However when the couples break up and get a divorce, they will eventually move on to another person, they may want to set up a new family and therfore there will be an increase in births. This increase in births will lead to a better economy as there will be more labour available by the increase in population in the coming years.
PROS-When marriage becomes a life-long affair, they will live happier lives as they feel secure with their partners and they will always have someone to count on for help.

CONS-When in a life-long rlationship, the two partners will never change. So, always being with the same person for the rest of your life will effect us in some way or another. The disadvantage of being in life-long marriage, may bore the person out and the person may even become depressed and crazy.
Should marriage be a life-long commitment?


-when couples stay married, they show the young that marrying someone is a big deal and it should not be taken tightly. Marriage teaches us to be understanding, caring, and responsible. And so, when the young sees that, they will take their relationships seriously. It is better than them seeing adults divorcing; that will give them the impressions that marriage is a joke.

-However, if the young keeps on seeing adults with marriages lasting long, they may get the impression that being in the relationship is very easy as they have seen from couples who stay married for long. People at a young age will start having a relationship of their own and this is bad because children at a young age should be only be concentrating on studies.